My Entire Life ? is it??

Gud evening everyone. I dunno why i feel so hestatatic to grumble something here in English version. Actually I also learn france. Its fun and unpredictable to learn because each word u said seems like splitting your tounge and its so fun anyway. I love a my whole damn life.

Its not about just love issues in my life there is so complicated issues which is always can bring smile , tears even laughing in my entire life. Hannah Montana is centre of my universe. She’s independent, majestic and smart teenage role model who’s I adore.

And I got plenty amazing friends since I was in junior high even in my campus. Actually, im typical of closed-person from the first. Just like very becareful before let someone or something come to my life. Im friendly, everybody knew that. But let someone being my best friends is in the other way for me.

I got someone special in life. I call him babyburn. Or babyboo. (its seems like babyboo more sexy than babyburn? Ok. I’ll changed him to babyboo then . LoL ) Nah, he’s sometime act like a jerk , make me mad. But most that he do is make me happy. And he is special that to be someone I loved.

I don’t know when its could be over or what happen next with our relationship, is it gonna be marry? Or just broke up like bitchi story . (lol. Im so allergic with that bitch. So I make her as all bad role model for life lol. She’s completely idiot)

Well anyway, I love life. I love laugh. I love to be lover with my Babyboo. And I hope the best for our life. And of cours yours too,dude.

*love Maharani


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